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The Discovery Rally

The Discovery for Men Quarterly Rally is today, the biggest gathering of men in Nigeria and arguably Africa. Between Sunday, April 19, 1997, when the first rally was held on the premises of The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju and today, over fifty-four thousand men have been hosted.

The Discovery Rally, as it is popularly referred today has not only become a household name within and outside the Christian circles in Nigeria but has metamorphosed into a formidable movement of purposeful men, who are empowered to serve their families, community, workplaces and nations.

By the grace and mercies of God, the Discovery Rally has today become a strong reference point to many men, who have discovered God’s purpose and plans for their lives and the knowledge, skills and attitude to pursue same with outstanding successes and globally recognized impacts. Testimonies abound of the transformation, which many men have experienced as a result of being associated with the Discovery Rally.

Teaching men all over this vast nation, Nigeria, that the idea, from creation, was for men to go forward and conquer, take new territories, overcome all obstacles, win the war – not just the battles – against greed, indolence, debauchery, drunkenness…and serve God. This continues to be the singular purpose of every Discovery for Men quarterly rally since 1997. These rallies had been largely held in Lagos, but occasionally in Enugu, Calabar, Eket, Uyo and Abeokuta thereby giving the men in these cities a chance to enjoy the fellowship which the rallies always engender.


October 29


Worship Hall
12, Industrial Estate Road By PZ Industries, Ilupeju Lagos 100 234 Nigeria



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