Men Affairs

What is the most pressing situation before you today? Is it the ceaseless turmoil in responding to everyday life issues? Or it is the tiring energy in leading and protecting the family? Is it a deep struggle keeping up with the bills? Maybe it’s just the peer pressure that comes with measuring yourself with what friends are achieving? Is it the anxiety from our socioeconomic and political unpredictability? Or it is challenges with faith and prayer or just the sense of defeat the devil carefully sells daily? Whatever it is, it is good to know that the fairness of life is not defined by what happen or does not happen to us, as it is in fact determined by our response to our daily experiences. It means help is always within reach. What major and destiny-sensitve decision are you about to make now? Don’t take it yet. Talk to us first. We are committed to the truth that help is always within reach and possibilities are always on the horizon.

As Men, it is critical to know that we are each only as strong as the direction we can access per time. Act 4:23 says, “And being let go, they went to their own company…” Today’s seemingly surmountable challenge does not give room to men operating as lone rangers. Clearly, standing alone does not in anyway suggest a man may not go fast; it only means he might not go far.

The DISCOVERY FOR MEN MINISTRIES powers “MEN AFFAIRS”. The objective is to provide men with the opportunity of a company of men of like passion available to offer critical and invaluable direction, guidance and counseling in any situation of life, under the leadership of the president of the Discovery for Men, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya. With dedicated phone numbers, “MEN MATTERS” offer counsel to men of all classes, tribe, creed and color in the following areas:

  • Family
  • Health and Physical Wellbeing
  • Politics and Community
  • Finance, Career/Business
  • Mid-life Issues

In the foregoing areas, “MEN AFFAIRS” operates as the active counseling platform of the Discovery for Men Ministries. It is a COMFORT ZONE and SUCCOR POINT for men.

To connect for Counseling and Guidance in the foregoing areas, please call:07017573966 or 07012611199

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